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[Note: I provided a draft copy of this article to SEO meetup groups for comment/clarifications before I published it publicly. There was no reply.]

Introduction, the SEO Dilemma

The professional trade of Search Engine Optimization has taken a "hit" to credibility multiple times over the years. It has been so bad that some versions of my resume doesn't list it as a skill -- to prevent being associated with those identified as less ethical.


Parents: Be Nice to Volunteers and Service Providers

Sometimes it feels like parents of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders are under the impression that the world revolves around them.

That's harsh, and as a parent of a PDD-NOS child, its hard to hear myself say.

I'm a father who thinks the world should halt when his son needs 30 seconds to formulate the answer to a question posed by a stranger. And everyone should be understanding (and not stare) when he has a public meltdown. So I speak from very very personal experience.


Talentopoly - My Current Favorite Development and Design News Source

I have recently started using Talentopoly.com.

Social noise management tools have been around for a long time. I was an insane digg.com user, both in posting and diggs. But then they lost their "techno-geek" way, focusing on general news stories. The "Design" section often seemed completely abandoned, not having new promoted stories for weeks.

Then the things-I've-dugg interface "lost" all of my dugg articles. At that point, it lost all usefulness. Digg.com was my bookmarking tool.

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