The 24Moves Gear

New Gear from 24Moves!

For a while, I have been looking at designing a comfortable, lightweight camera vest for the weekend photowalker. I also designed a strong camera gear bag for storing all those odd items. I'm happy to announce that both are now available from the 24Moves web site!

The Photography Vests from

The 24Moves Photography Vests are made specifically for the weekend and urban photographer. They are 100% cotton, and about the weight and durability of a nice shirt. This makes them very comfortable, even in the hottest weather. The vest includes a full mesh back for cool air, and two long pockets in the back to stash a raincoat or bottle of water.

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The Photography Gear Bags from

The 24Moves Photography Gear bag is a strong, black canvas bag made with a heavy duty, reinforced zipper. The bag has approximately 1/3 to 1/2 inches of foam padding along the sides and bottom. The handle is heavy nylon weave, strong enough to carry the heaviest gear load.

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The HoustonPhotowalks Uni-sex T-Shirts

Show your HoustonPhotowalks pride with these comfortable and well made t-shirts from the officialHoustonPhotowalks Store at Sport your style by picking the shirt color that works best for you. Logos come in both light and dark colors so you can pick any color shirt.

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The HoustonPhotowalks Uni-Sex Long Sleve Shirts

Show your HoustonPhotowalks pride even when it's cold with these long sleve shirts from the officialHoustonPhotowalks Store at Several colors to choose from. This style includes the "Three Reasons We Walk".

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Joe is a User Experience Engineer, Front End Specialist and Application Developer for Bridgeway Software, Inc and part-time consultant for NGO and non-profit organizations in the Houston area. Joe is also a part-time Portrait Photographer at and organizer of the photography club. He and his wife Marty run the Support and Playdate group.













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