Formatting Hours and Minutes (Classic ASP)

And another old code segment, this time formatting "Hours" and "Minutes". The trick for the minutes is to return one of the quarter hours. If the minutes evaluate to "0", then "00" will return instead.

Function FormatMinutes(pIndex)
	Dim iMinutes, iIndex
	iIndex = cInt(pIndex)

	' ---- Minutes = the remader of i/4 * 15
	iMinutes = (iIndex mod 4) * 15
	If iMinutes = 0 Then iMinutes = "00"
	FormatMinutes = iMinutes
End Function

Function FormatHours(pIndex,bFilterMilitary)

	Dim iHours, iIndex
	iIndex = cInt(pIndex)

	' ---- Hours = the index divided by the number of quarter-hours:
	iHours = (iIndex/4)
	' ---- Remove Remainders
	If inStr(1,iHours,".") Then iHours = left(iHours,instr(1,iHours,".")-1)
	' ---- Remove military time?
	If bFilterMilitary = True Then _
		If iHours > 12 Then iHours = iHours - 12
	FormatHours = iHours

End Function


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