6 Years of Kelby Photowalk T-Shirt Designs.

The 3am Tweet

Scott Kelby announced the t-shirt design for the 2014 World Wide Photo Walk today. Just like everyone else that faithfully follow Scott on his journey, I clicked the link on today's tweet:

Why does design matter -- its just a t-shirt, right?

Someone once told me, you know a person's priorities by where they spend their time, effort and money. When I saw the new design, my first thought was "how much effort did they put into this?" Its more than just a t-shirt, or having 11,000 people all wearing the same thing on the same day. As creatives (pro or otherwise), what we wear says a lot about our interests, abilities and taste. So this design was not what I expected from a primary leader in Photoshop professionalism, or that Scott would ask us to wear it to represent his event and his organization.

But my next thought was, "maybe I'm judging too harshly". Being certain that designs from previous years were much more refined, I dug up photos to do a comparison.

Am I being too harsh?

Have a look, tell me what you think:


One of these things just doesn't belong.

When you put each year side-by-side, it feels like the 2014 design is that girlfriend that starts wearing sweatpants and scrunchie after date number five. (Don't get me wrong, sweatpants and scrunchies are quite fetching -- at the gym.)

It takes a person with true vision and skills to come up with the t-shirt design for WWPW 2009, 2010 and 2011. I still wear occasionally my Photowalk Leader shirts from '10-'13 while leading HoustonPhotowalks.com events. The 2014 shirt design just doesn't represent the professionalism or modern creative personality that I want to communicate around town. It feels like a convenience store beer koozie.

Am I being too harsh? I'm interested in your comments.


Joe is a User Experience Engineer, Front End Specialist and Application Developer for Bridgeway Software, Inc and part-time consultant for NGO and non-profit organizations in the Houston area. Joe is also a part-time Portrait Photographer at MEDIA.24Moves.com and organizer of the HoustonPhotowalks.com photography club. He and his wife Marty run the AutismHouston.com Support and Playdate group.













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