6 Years of Kelby Photowalk T-Shirt Designs.

The 3am Tweet

Scott Kelby announced the t-shirt design for the 2014 World Wide Photo Walk today. Just like everyone else that faithfully follow Scott on his journey, I clicked the link on today's tweet:

Is Autism Support being Roadblocked by "High Functioning" parents?

10 years ago when Marty and I first started our journey as parents of a non-verbal, extremely anxious child, we had some very specific misconceptions. For example, we had to learn the concept of normal vs neurotypical ... and start to understand our responsibility to help our child grow to be the best person he can be, rather than trying to make him "like normal kids".

Meetup Group Owners - How To Fix your [broken] Google Webmaster Tools

For years, let us use "custom domains". As part of their rebranding and refocus efforts, they are doing away with this feature. Fortunately they are grandfathering (kinda) those of us who were smart enough to brand our groups with a unique URL. But this change has broken access to Google's Webmaster Tools.


Sharing Images on Facebook Groups (most bang per share)

Get the most out of your Facebook Image Posts (and keep from getting ignored)

As a member and admin of several Facebook groups, I see a lot (a LOT) of posted images. This often includes unintentional pitfalls, missed opportunities and non-preferred behavior by members who don't understand their options (or etiquette). Here are some suggestions to help group members get the best possible results from image posts.

BTW, this posts comes with a couple of notes.


T-Shirt Sponsorship for

I'm sending out the following information to companies and organizations in the Houston area, inviting them to participate in the 100 T-Shirts sponsorship. Here are the details. You can also forward the attached PDF to your boss or a family member who may be interested.


The "Nice Shot" Comment Myth

Don't let the Comment Haters slow you down.

Most people appreciate and maybe even crave feedback, especially positive. When it comes to photography, there are those who are very comfortable providing constructive, well crafted critiques. These paragraphs of personal opinions are often (at least hopefully, always) provided with the best intentions in mind, to help the photographer understand what works, and what doesn't, in a particular photograph.

Safer Lightroom Catalog Backups

Backups are crazy important. No matter how "good" hardware gets, nothing is 100% reliable. So everyone should have two backup strategies -- a backup medium and an off-line backup (even if its just a USB drive you keep in your desk at work!).

Workflows and Backups

Everyone's workflow is a little different. For me, everything ends up on the Drobo (everything). I even render and work with live files directly from my Drobo. Frequent backups are made to a USB-attached hard drive, and then there are nightly on-line backups for safety.

Branding History of

Since the day I started the group in June of 2009, has been a real blast. There are hundreds of amazing photographers in Houston, and I've had the pleasure of meeting many, many, many of them over the past 4 years.

For the Casual Camping Photographer - A Shopping List

Ok, I'll admit it ...

Taking folks to places they would otherwise never visit, or even know about, is a huge kick for me. Its one of the biggest parts of running HoustonPhotowalks that I enjoy the most.

Color Picking - Play By The Numbers

Doing some refresher research on color theory today ... sometimes I really regret selling back my college books. A base color selection can be completely subjective, but the accompanying and contrasting colors are not random. Humans react to color combinations based on cultural cues (red+green=Christmas, etc), and *mathematical calculations*.

This is one of the hardest concepts to teach new designers who want to randomly pick colors because they "look good".


Using an iPhone / iPad for Document Storage

The iBooks App

Many folks know that their iPhone and iPad can read books using the iBook App from the App Store. Its free and very simple to install. What many folks don't know is, it can be used to store things other than just ebooks.

My iPad is full of PDFs I've pulled from the web, mostly application development ebooks and camera gear manuals. A simple google search can find you a manual for just about any device or software on the market.

New Product Offering (and a discount to boot!)

24Moves is now offering your portraits and favorite image at on custom iPhone and iPad cases!!

To kick off this new product line, iPhone and iPad cases are 50% off with this coupon code: IPHONECASE-50-OFF

Keep your favorite people with you at all times with this very unique item. Or purchase them as a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents.

Offer expires in one week, so get to clicking! :)

This Weekend: 140% Special for RAIN Portraits!

I recently wrote a blog post about shooting/photography in the rain and how you can achieve some really interesting and unique results. People have told me they love my rain shoots. The images are extremely unique because I keep shooting rather than canceling the sitting.

This weekend (July 14/15), there is a 70% chance of rain. So I am discounting my sitting fee by 70%! AND if we KEEP SHOOTING while it rains, I will waive the sitting fee completely!

That adds up to 140% of pure rain fun and photographic magic, right? :)

Contact me via this blog or on the 24Moves Facebook page for details if you are interested in this unique portrait opportunity!

Ok, I Modified My Release

Sometimes I get it wrong. And I can be a little too direct. This is one of those times I'll admit it.

Background: My Photography Release is a little Different

We all need photography releases. And a few weeks ago, I posted my release for all to see. And part of it was a bit of a rant.

The original wording was:

Review: Rogue Flash Bender System


Rogue recently asked me to try out some of their new Flash Bender products, and Daniel volunteered to be my model. This was a test shoot of several Rogue products to see how they worked with a 2-, 3- and 4- speedlite setup. I'm primarily a speedlite/flash shooter, and already have a couple of Rouge products, so was excited to try out some of their new gear.

Typically, my gearbag includes the poles, diffusers and triggers to use three Canon speedlites and three large Vivitar 285's. Its usually pretty easy to find flash modifiers for the Canon gear, but the bulky design of the Vivitar flashes often leave me hunting for white foam core, DIY velcro flags, or shooting against walls.

SEO: Gaming

[Note: I provided a draft copy of this article to SEO meetup groups for comment/clarifications before I published it publicly. There was no reply.]

Introduction, the SEO Dilemma

The professional trade of Search Engine Optimization has taken a "hit" to credibility multiple times over the years. It has been so bad that some versions of my resume doesn't list it as a skill -- to prevent being associated with those identified as less ethical.


I Can Never Return to that Pawnshop Again ...

Administrators: Force Secure Passwords Because Users are Lazy. This is the story of how a stolen laptop and a careless employee got me banned from my favorite pawn shop.

The Punchline

The punchline to this story is hidden in my phone call to a complete stranger:

Stranger: How do you know Bob?

Me: All I know about Bob is what I found on his laptop.

And later in the call:

Distilling the Scott Kelby anti-Drobo Comments


Yesterday I posted about Scott Kelby's blog post, I'm Done with drobo. Although I am one of the folks who hasn't suffered the Drobo-bricking, its easy to see why he would want to migrate to a different backup system.

His post churned up a nice bit of valuable comments.


Forcing Drupal into Perpetual Cron Jobs

Something went screwy. That's the shortest explanation I can provide. To fix it, I had to run the Drupal Cron job hundreds of times until the queue drained.

Unfortunately, I wasn't interested in sitting at my computer for hours clicking the Run Cron button. So I inserted this little hack into my page. Its an absolute total hack, and very temporary, but gets the job done.

Shooting in the Rain (on a Budget)


I have updated this with some more recent rain-shoot images/portraits. But more importantly, at the very bottom I included a list of items I may pack for a rain shoot or water-related portrait session.

Leave a comment if you find this helpful! :)


Parents: Be Nice to Volunteers and Service Providers

Sometimes it feels like parents of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders are under the impression that the world revolves around them.

That's harsh, and as a parent of a PDD-NOS child, its hard to hear myself say.

I'm a father who thinks the world should halt when his son needs 30 seconds to formulate the answer to a question posed by a stranger. And everyone should be understanding (and not stare) when he has a public meltdown. So I speak from very very personal experience.


Talentopoly - My Current Favorite Development and Design News Source

I have recently started using

Social noise management tools have been around for a long time. I was an insane user, both in posting and diggs. But then they lost their "techno-geek" way, focusing on general news stories. The "Design" section often seemed completely abandoned, not having new promoted stories for weeks.

Then the things-I've-dugg interface "lost" all of my dugg articles. At that point, it lost all usefulness. was my bookmarking tool.


Tips for Shooting Zombies (and the free 24Moves Zombie Presets for LR)

[Note: The presets in this article were designed in Lightroom3.]
[Note2: Find the presets or this information helpful? POST A COMMENT! :)]

For photographers wanting to break out of their creative box, this is a great time of year. Halloween is a great opportunity to get the creative engine running and break all the rules.

Build a List of Hours (Classic ASP)

You could need a list of "Hours" for any number of reasons, for a select box, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. In the following example, I create a list of "Hours" to run along the top of a table. What strikes me interesting about this code is that although it was written in 2001, its very adaptable to generating hour lists today.

Function BuildHourList()
	Dim i, iOffSet
	For i = 8 to 20
		' ---- if past 12 noon, 
		If i > 12 Then iOffSet = -12 
		Response.Write "" & iOffset + i & ":00"
End Function

The Beauty of a Complicated Function Comment Header (Classic ASP)

Without boring you with details, I wrote an application back in 2003 for a medical billing company. Their team was extremely small, so when I left the project, I made sure they had some very clear documentation. The function headers were my favorites. Here's an example.

Well written comments that are clear and easy to read is very important to code maintenance and reducing technical debt incurred as old applications lose their orriginal developers.


Formatting Hours and Minutes (Classic ASP)

And another old code segment, this time formatting "Hours" and "Minutes". The trick for the minutes is to return one of the quarter hours. If the minutes evaluate to "0", then "00" will return instead.


Logo Proposal From a World of Warcraft Guild

Back in a prior life, I played lots (lots) of WoW. When the guild I was in combined with another, I was asked to propose a new logo. This is what I came up with. Found it while cleaning out an old file server.

WoW Proposed Logo for Guild Web Site

Searching a Very Long String - Efficiently (Classic ASP)

When it comes to string handling, ASP isn't the most efficient. The easiest code to write is simply instr(1,ucase(search),ucase(find)), and then check the result for > 0. The problem comes with extremely long strings. I needed to search a very long string of values from each line of CSV. It was actually much faster to split each line into its individual elements and search one cell at a time. Here is the code.

Removing Tag Attributes from HTML - Classic ASP

When parsing a string of HTML to enterrogate for data, sometimes the HTML attributes would create unneeded headaches. I wrote this function to take a string of HTML and remove all tag attributes.


Parsing HTML Text - Removing Unneeded Tags (More Classic ASP)

This little function was a nifty way to remove unneeded HTML tags from a string. Used this to clean up "screenscrapes" of reports generated in HTML before parsing the content.



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