Parents: Be Nice to Volunteers and Service Providers

Sometimes it feels like parents of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders are under the impression that the world revolves around them.

That's harsh, and as a parent of a PDD-NOS child, its hard to hear myself say.

I'm a father who thinks the world should halt when his son needs 30 seconds to formulate the answer to a question posed by a stranger. And everyone should be understanding (and not stare) when he has a public meltdown. So I speak from very very personal experience.


Talentopoly - My Current Favorite Development and Design News Source

I have recently started using

Social noise management tools have been around for a long time. I was an insane user, both in posting and diggs. But then they lost their "techno-geek" way, focusing on general news stories. The "Design" section often seemed completely abandoned, not having new promoted stories for weeks.

Then the things-I've-dugg interface "lost" all of my dugg articles. At that point, it lost all usefulness. was my bookmarking tool.


Tips for Shooting Zombies (and the free 24Moves Zombie Presets for LR)

[Note: The presets in this article were designed in Lightroom3.]
[Note2: Find the presets or this information helpful? POST A COMMENT! :)]

For photographers wanting to break out of their creative box, this is a great time of year. Halloween is a great opportunity to get the creative engine running and break all the rules.

Build a List of Hours (Classic ASP)

You could need a list of "Hours" for any number of reasons, for a select box, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. In the following example, I create a list of "Hours" to run along the top of a table. What strikes me interesting about this code is that although it was written in 2001, its very adaptable to generating hour lists today.

Function BuildHourList()
	Dim i, iOffSet
	For i = 8 to 20
		' ---- if past 12 noon, 
		If i > 12 Then iOffSet = -12 
		Response.Write "" & iOffset + i & ":00"
End Function

The Beauty of a Complicated Function Comment Header (Classic ASP)

Without boring you with details, I wrote an application back in 2003 for a medical billing company. Their team was extremely small, so when I left the project, I made sure they had some very clear documentation. The function headers were my favorites. Here's an example.

Well written comments that are clear and easy to read is very important to code maintenance and reducing technical debt incurred as old applications lose their orriginal developers.


Formatting Hours and Minutes (Classic ASP)

And another old code segment, this time formatting "Hours" and "Minutes". The trick for the minutes is to return one of the quarter hours. If the minutes evaluate to "0", then "00" will return instead.


Logo Proposal From a World of Warcraft Guild

Back in a prior life, I played lots (lots) of WoW. When the guild I was in combined with another, I was asked to propose a new logo. This is what I came up with. Found it while cleaning out an old file server.

WoW Proposed Logo for Guild Web Site

Searching a Very Long String - Efficiently (Classic ASP)

When it comes to string handling, ASP isn't the most efficient. The easiest code to write is simply instr(1,ucase(search),ucase(find)), and then check the result for > 0. The problem comes with extremely long strings. I needed to search a very long string of values from each line of CSV. It was actually much faster to split each line into its individual elements and search one cell at a time. Here is the code.

Removing Tag Attributes from HTML - Classic ASP

When parsing a string of HTML to enterrogate for data, sometimes the HTML attributes would create unneeded headaches. I wrote this function to take a string of HTML and remove all tag attributes.


Parsing HTML Text - Removing Unneeded Tags (More Classic ASP)

This little function was a nifty way to remove unneeded HTML tags from a string. Used this to clean up "screenscrapes" of reports generated in HTML before parsing the content.


Convert HTML table into ASP Array

At some point, I was parsing HTML text and needed to convert a table to an Array. The code basically strips any attributes, then cycles through all of the cells and returns an array. I used this code when converting reports from another system (that emitted HTML) to be used in data aggregation functions.


ScreenScraping - Classic ASP Code I Can't Bear to Throw Away

Having written code for as long as I have, there's quite a bit of "old" garbage that is completely useless today. Believe it or not, I still get search-engine hits on my original site ( for older "classic" asp code examples, so I hate to throw anything away.


LightUp for Lightroom, 1.0.2 Released

LightUp (beta)

LightUp(beta) version 1.0.2 Released! 

LightUp, the plugin for Lightroom has been updated!  You can now post images to albums not just MeetUp events.  Improved performance and fixed a couple of bugs.


LightUp - The export plugin for Lightroom

LightUp (beta)LightUp(beta) For Lightroom3

The Lightroom Export plugin for

The plugin has moved to its new home at



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