Delkin 700x CF Memory Review - 7-Day Test Run

I led a photography trip to Belize, Cozumel and Roatan for 53 people last week as part of our yearly "big event" over at and 24Moves. We had a blast, and as expected, shot lots of pictures.

To make sure I had plenty of coverage for some of my older, smaller memory cards, I purchased two 16Gig CompactFlash memory cards from Delkin. Almost all of my cards are SanDisk Extreme (of one flavor or another). But with the price difference, I figured on giving Delkin a try.

Delkin CF 1000X 16GB

The Delkin CF 1000X 16GB did fine. I even shot some video with it. No problems formatting, using or retrieving data. I didn't specifically do a direct speed test, but at no time that I used it did I feel constrained by speed.

Delkin CF 700X 16GB

The other card was a Delkin CF 700X 16GB -- and it's driving me nuts. Under no amount of begging, plugging and unplugging, etc, will it let me download my images with any card reader. At first I seriously panicked, thinking I had lost 16GB of images and video.

The only way I've been able to recover images is by tethering my camera. Although that doesn't sound like a "big deal", here's the headaches that creates:

  • Using the camera as a card reader sucks the life out of the camera body, requiring additional recharges.
  • If the camera battery dies mid-transfer, it can corrupt files and/or damage the card.
  • If the battery dies mid-transfer, you only get half a days work transferred, then you have to wait around while your battery recharges.
  • It is slooooow to transfer data using your camera, much slower than a USB2/3 card reader.
  • Cameras don't belong on desks. They belong in your camera gear safe or your camera bag. Camera's on desks get bumped around and knocked off. [sadface]


SanDisk has never let me down. The Delkin CF 1000X worked fine, the 700X is now my "emergency use only" card.


Joe is a User Experience Engineer, Front End Specialist and Application Developer for Bridgeway Software, Inc and part-time consultant for NGO and non-profit organizations in the Houston area. Joe is also a part-time Portrait Photographer at and organizer of the photography club. He and his wife Marty run the Support and Playdate group.













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