T-Shirt Sponsorship for AutismHouston.com

I'm sending out the following information to companies and organizations in the Houston area, inviting them to participate in the AutismHouston.com 100 T-Shirts sponsorship. Here are the details. You can also forward the attached PDF to your boss or a family member who may be interested.

About AutismHouston.com

AutismHouston.com is a local social network, helping parents and children connect with others. One of the most significant struggles of children and adults with Autism is making long-lasting, positive impactful, peer-age friends. The AutismHouston.com web site allows parents to schedule and invite others to “Play Dates. Parents receive essential peer-support from other parents, and children learn to play together in an open and accepting environment.

Impact of AutismHouston.com

Children touch by Autism often find themselves not invited to things as simple as childhood birthday parties. Or social anxiety issues make attending large children events extremely stressful (and not much fun). In AutismHouston, parents feel empowered to create their own small playdates free of unwanted stares and comments if things get a little messy.

AutismHouston.com currently serves 680 Houston-area families. In May 2013, families posted 21 support/play meetings! We have 18 scheduled for June 2013. Meetings are held all over the city, and kept small so kids aren’t overwhelmed.

T-Shirt Sponsorship Program

One concern for many of our parents is “how to find each other”. When 5 families meet in a public park of 50 people, it can be uncomfortable asking someone “Are you with the Autism group?” To make life easier, 24Moves.com designed a group of T-Shirts to help families connect! You can see the designs here: http://www.zazzle.com/autismhouston They are priced “at cost” +$2, the extra pays for the AutismHouston.com web site fees.

AutismHouston.com is offering a special “$500 T-Shirt Sponsorship Program” to companies interested in participating in the ongoing growth and development of our community’s special children. We can print 100 t-shirts – including your logo – for about $500. Your logo t-shirts will be distributed free of charge to members attending our public events. You also receive a “Sponsored By” listing on our web site for 3 months, and an email advertisement to all 680 members.

Already Have A T-Shirt Vendor? No Problem!

AutismHouston.com can provide you the logo and print-ready graphics if you would prefer to use your own vendor for the 100 t-shirts. Our request is that shirts be “yellow”, and that our graphic/text is printed on the front and full-chest.

Ready To Get Started? Awesome! We Love You!

Your sponsorship will have a long-lasting, life changing impact on kids struggling to make friends – and their parents struggling to establish relationships and build peer support! Contact Joe Lippeatt at joey@lippeatt.com to get started!



Joe is a User Experience Engineer, Front End Specialist and Application Developer for Bridgeway Software, Inc and part-time consultant for NGO and non-profit organizations in the Houston area. Joe is also a part-time Portrait Photographer at MEDIA.24Moves.com and organizer of the HoustonPhotowalks.com photography club. He and his wife Marty run the AutismHouston.com Support and Playdate group.













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